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Protects you and your family from the high cost of medical bills

  • We can match your needs to the best program
  • We deal with stable companies who will be there when you need them
  • A variety of plans are available to meet your budget

Many people feel that if they are healthy, they do not need a health insurance plan.
But "WHAT IF?"
If you become injured or sick without health insurance, the money you can owe
will add up FAST! 
And... If you can not make the payments, the healthcare providers can go after
your home or in some cases your income. Health insurance can help
protect you from this. Most health insurances also offer free or reduced fees
for preventative health care!



Protects your family or business from financial loss
in the event of a premature death or injury that makes it
impossible for you to work.


  • Life insurance rates are better then they have been in the past
  • We offer a wide variety of plans to meet your needs and budget
  • We can help protect your hard earned money from taxes and creditors

If a parent dies who is the main income producer, and leaves a spouse and/or children, 
there can be hard times for the family financially. Life insurance provides the beneficiaries
with a lump sum or money at different intervals. There are many options available
for this type of policy.


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